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Building Automation Systems:

The rate of technological advancement & innovation had never been as fast as it is nowadays. So, we must remain updated or be ahead of the changes & avail the benefits of innovation in order to survive or win over.

KINGSLEY ESC with its advanced knowledge of Computer-based communication, IoT, Building Management System & control mechanism will ensure your establishment remains state-of-the-art through automation and enjoy the benefits of Safety, Security, Efficiency & Higher Productivity.


  • BMS, Dashboard & Control System
  • Lighting Automation & Active Daylight
  • Smart Generator & Boiler Management
  • Access Control & Occupancy Management
  • Car Parking Automation & Theft Prevention
  • Energy & Resource Consumption Monitoring
  • Solar Energy System Setup & Monitoring System
  • Conventional Halls & Common Places Automation
  • Video Doorbell Bell System & Remote Door Control
  • Intelligent HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air-conditioning)
  • Smart Anti-Theft System – IP Based Surveillance System with Intrusion detection